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Client Testimonials

Don't take our word for it.  Listen to what our clients say about working with Amanda!

Amanda has helped me tremendously with coping with my postpartum depression, my anxiety, and working through childhood trauma.  She has never been anything but professional during our sessions.  She has helped me so much over the past 9 months and I am so grateful to have found such an amazing therapist who not only listens but also gives great advice on how to problem solve!  I was always scared about going to therapy, but since I started to see Amanda, therapy has become more of an outlet for me rather than something to be scared of.  She is helpful to not only me but to my family as well because I truly believe I am a better wife, mom, and even friend because of our biweekly sessions!  After just 9 months I can tell her goal is to help people!  She wants to be at work with her patients and she doesn't mind staying late for people, like me, who need to come after the baby goes to sleep.  I am thankful I started therapy with Amanda Redwine and although I can't speak for others I just know they feel the same way too! – H.

She is a friend, exceptional problem solver and a wonderful person to have in your life.  She is genuine, and in this day and age, that is something special. – M

I will not soon forget the intake meeting with Miss Amanda where she asked me a series of questions about who I am as a person, and who I would like to become. She was so amazingly inquisitive to my story that I verbalized more to her in that hour than I had to anyone else before. I felt connected and taken care of for the first time, I felt Safe. I also felt that all of my deepest darkest secrets were safe. I did not even realize what had happened until I got to my car, that I had found my person. She had opened me up in such a way that I wouldn’t of thought possible before. I was now a believer in therapy. I looked forward to our next session and each one beyond that. Each day became brighter. I still look forward to every minute spent in that chair, the setting has changed but the feeling hasn’t.  She is an amazing person, has an incredible soul, and an extraordinary heart. Her character and who she is as a person couldn’t be replicated easily, and therefore shouldn’t be diminished. Amanda Redwine without a doubt saved my mind while restoring hope for a future as bright as I’m living now. I still visit with Amanda, each day better than the one before. This day and age, people need bright dedicated, insightful as well as professional people like Amanda.  – J

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